Friday, October 30, 2015


Next week I will be 50.

I don't understand.

I'm waxing poetic in my head but the poetry is missing and mostly I'm just waxing. Which I guess is better than waning.

It's a month of celebrations because you can't fit celebrating 50 in one day.

I spent most of 2015 in my car traveling back and forth and being a grown up. Last week Bobterry took my car to the place and had it detailed. Essentially I got a new car for my birthday.

Last night I went to my first professional hockey game thanks to Bobterry and his casino hostess.


Unlike the baseball games, the seats were comfy, the temperature was perfect and the action was fast. Hockey is the opposite of baseball.

Also when you go to the hockey game you sometimes see knit night friends there. I wasn't making things up in my head when I thought I saw Allison on the jumbotron. Turns out she and knitnighttara were two sections over and 15 rows down.


If there is any question about Tara's mad baking skillz, she got those awesome seats in exchange for making Halloween cookies for a season ticket holder.

In further big city adventures, next week we will go see the movie West Side Story at the Benedum center while the Pittsburgh symphony orchestra plays the soundtrack. Awesome.

My birthday wish is that I keep getting to have adventures, because they are the best.


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kmkat said...

Poem my then-teenaged son wrote for me on my 50th:

Today I am fifty.
Give me a gifty.