Monday, June 22, 2015

Smithsonian Folkways Workshop

Last week I attended a Smothsonian Folkways Pedagogy Workshop. It featured West African, Brazilian, and Appalachian music. I also found my laughing joke of the summer

The culmination of the project was a presentation by participants using the collection at the site. I chose to do some research on the song Old Blue which is about a dog. Wikipedia lists about twenty different versions of it.

This led to a story from my new best friend Rachel. She said she once asked her grandpa why dogs sniff each other's butts and he told her:

A long time ago, the dogs had a meeting and they took their butts off. When the meeting was over and they put them back on they all got mixed up and now dogs go around sniffing trying to find their own butts."

The obviously funny part of the story is the why. But for me it was much more. I just imagined all the dogs dialing up their dog friends and saying "hey let's have a convention." Then Rachel and I began naming the sessions at this year's dog convention.

Domestication: is it all it's cracked up to be?

Leash Laws 101

Bathtime Dos and Don'ts

Cats and when to avoid them.

Mysterious Smells: when to investigate

For the Love of Catnip!

Who Let the Dogs Out??? (Pt 2 to Leash Laws

When you can no longer lift your leg.

What would YOU do for a Milkbone? (Sponsored session)

Drool::::: What is it good for?:: Absolutely nothing.

Buttsniffing: Debunking the Myth

Crack. Me. Up. Even when no one else is around.


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