Friday, December 26, 2014

Really, Pinterest?

Ruby (8) and Grace (5) are coming for a play date tomorrow.

I was worried about what to feed them and decided to go to Pinterest for some ideas and to be the "really cool" grown up.

Idea number the one. Grilled cheese roll ups. One slice of bread, flattened, crust removed with a slice of American cheese on top. Roll it and cook it like grilled cheese. I've never tried it but it's bread, cheese, and butter. How bad can it be?

Idea number the two. Vegetable pizza. Tastes good and good for you. Not really a novelty but new to me. I've prepared it but haven't yet tasted it. Again, there are only so many ways to mess that up.

Idea number the three. How cute is this?



Except when it actually turns out like this-



Those are Swedish fish floating on the left and sunk on the bottom on the right. I won't even talk about how it started in a more fish bowl looking container and only filled an inch of the space.

The last time they were here it was summer and we played outside, painted rocks and drew pictures with awesome markers. Tomorrow we will play with markers and cool coloring and activity books, and we will drum. I have several drums here in the house home for vacation. Enough for everyone. I also remembered I had these-



Boxes of buttons. And really, who doesn't love buttons.



vanfox23 said...

Now that's a playdate I wanna come to!

kmkat said...

One of my favorite *toys* as a kid was the button box.

Deborah-- said...

I am just giggling slightly over the failed Swedish fish idea! I am sure you all had a fabulous time!