Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The night before the adventure begins made better by knitnightfriends

Aunt of Sophanne and I are going on an Alaskan cruise. I have never been to Alaska. I have never been on a cruise. My mind drifts between images of The Love Boat and Titanic. KnitnightTara and KnitnightAllison have taken this to a whole 'nother level.

They have made a list of photo tableaux from the movie Titanic for us to recreate during our adventure.

1. When boarding, wear large hat

2. Win your tickets in a poker game

3.Get to bow of ship. Be king of the world.

4. Go to back of ship. Contemplate jumping. Don't jump.

5. Talk in western accent. Spit over railing.

6. Judge others. Think of them as insects that need to be squashed quickly.

7. Toast to "making it count."

8. Get to steerage (or the crappiest ballroom) and dance with the peasants. Hold hands and spin.

9. Give Aunt Sippy a guilt trip over your dire financial situation.

10. "Draw me like one of your French girls wearing this... Only this." (Clothes optional)

11. Wipe hand on steamy window. (Non steamy o.k. But not preferred)

11.5 Oogle lovey dovey couple, scream "Iceburgh straight ahead!" and ring bells. Iceburgh=Pittsburgh=penguin.

12. Spit in someone's face. (Optional.)

13. Scream in the elevator "I'm going back up!"

14. Practice life boat drill.

15. Reassure Aunt Sippy many times that you "won't let go."

16. Pry whistle in cold dead hands.

17. Drop necklace into ocean.

18. Sing "My heart will go on" as you dock.

I've added one of my own involving a conversation, "that's a big boat." "It's a ship, daddy. It's a ship." We've actually already had this conversation but it deserves a re re enactment.

I've not yet decided whether to pack a hat. For the most part Aunt gets to be Kate Winslet and I get to be Leonardo diCaprio and Kate's mother. My sister believes that I should also be the Unsinkable Molly Brown at least once.

As for The Heart of the Ocean, I purchased a fabulous pendant that will be shared here in due time but I do have the one for the toss it into the ocean tableau that KnitnightTara brought as a prop. I love my knitnight friends.




Roxie said...

What a fabulous bunch of friends! You will have such a grand time. The scenery is awesome. I often find the lounge in the bow of the ship on the top deck is sparsely populated. A great place to rest, knit, and savor the view.

Suzanne said...

You'll love cruising and Alaska! I like knitting on dock as I view the beautiful scenery. Enjoy!

Becky said...

I've never seen Titanic (it's true!) and I find this list really amusing - I'm sure its hysterical if you get all the references :) Have fun!!