Monday, May 13, 2013

Mr. Sophanne's new camera and a Mother's Day feast.

Mr. Sophanne bought a new camera. It's his camera. This is a great thing. I don't have sole responsibility of camera activities. He's been shooting the pets a lot and these two are my favorites.


If he decides to make this his hobby, I think he has an eye for it. It still takes him, 20 minutes to snap a shot but so it goes. Also I'll have to suggest he fix the time stamp on the camera, but maybe he hasn't gotten that far in the directions yet.

We went to a Mother's Day banquet buffet feast with aunt of Sophanne this weekend. She lives in the town where Dean Martin was born. There is more than one banquet hall that holds dinners such as these for various holidays. Part of Sundays entertainment was a singer a la Michael Bublé. He picked up the mic and said "I'll be entertaining you today." That made me laugh. Then he sang (he had a decent voice) and walked around the room while he was singing. Holy Crack me Up batman! I can't quite put my finger on why I thought it was so hilarious. As you can see below, Aunt loved it. I guess I've just never been that close to what I would consider a lounge singer. If it cracks you up and you figure out why, drop me note, mkay?




Sunshine said...

Nice one of Liza Jane!!

kmkat said...

Lounge singers are inherently hilarious, like the word "toenails" and pink elephants.

Great photos!

Roxie said...

Love the kitty photo. Ours usually start doing their laundry (ahem) when we point a camera at them.

Evidently, the young man did a marvelous job of entertaining you.