Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knit night profile and a premise for a new tv show.

Subtitle: who thought it was good idea for me to have so much easily accessible technology.

Knit night profile:

Say hello to knitnightalison and a list of things I can tell you about her.

She's an ironic magic fairy princess somewhere between Briar Rose (some sort of former Snow White and last years Halloween costume) and Alice in Wonderland only smarter and funnier.

I can't use her real name because she has an occasionally stalking ex.

KNA was an archeologist for a while. She had to find a different job when the economy went belly up.

She shares my Spidey hearing sense and when the bass line in Panera's Muzak begins farting over an inadequate sound system we both begin laughing and no one else knows why.

There is always a subtle one-liner spoken quietly and with aplomb that absolutely slays me. Tonight's was "that turtle was a real jerk." The best part in that "you had to be there" moment was that she was talking about a real turtle.

And the reason for the picture below is that a few weeks ago I got schooled in Nutella (something I'd never had) and while it sounded interesting I knew and said it was one of those things I'd never buy. Tonight she brought me two giant jars. I now know Nutella.

And now the tv show-

3rdyearmedstudentknitnightJustine shared the app Speed Anatomy. My science knowledge is just about zip, nil and none. I manipulated the high school and college course selection system so that I could learn as little as possible and still make passing grades. On reflection, it was boring as hell.

3ymsknJustine played speed anatomy for a while as I watched entranced. Thn she opened the $50/mo app with diagnostic medical questions. As I joined the fun I knew the meaning of about 35% of the actual words. That did not stop me from offering my answers on the multiple choice questions. After scoring our quiz it turns out she got the highest score ever on the quiz.

Enter the tv show. Hospital show. Doctors, medical students, interns and me (or someone who plays me on tv) offering knowledge based on absolutely nothing except the words they hear that they may or may not know. Think of a show that's the opposit of House only with the same wry, smug humor in my character when I outsmart the real medical staff

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Becky said...

Put some of your Nutella into a vanilla milkshake. It might change your life.