Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Have Sprouts...
And How!

Those roots were bustin' out all over. I feel a little bit sad for the sprouts that don't have a peat pot yet but I'm thinking I already have more than I need and maybe I'll plant those at the side of the house to feed the bunnies.

SuperSecretarySandy (she's an Administrative Assistant and her day is tomorrow but I like alliteration) is my favorite person in the whole school. She's who I eat lunch with and sometimes we go to the hidey hole. She's farmed and "cowed" (not really a word) all her life but probably isn't having a garden this year. So I put this little something together for her. I'd take her on a vacation if reality let things like that happen.

Chickens in the Road is one of my most favorite non-knitting blogs. Suzanne lives on a farm in the country and has a cow named Beulah Petunia who had a calf named Glory Bee. One of her goats, Clover, surprised her by being pregnant and having a baby. I can't explain to you how funny this is- she's just an excellent writer and fun to read. Her barnyard pictures rock. Her blog is divided up into categories somehow (but not that new annoying typepad kind of way) that I haven't figured out but if you like a little non-commercial baryard living check her out. (unsolicited promotion- I just want to have someone else to laugh with when things like "CLOVER IS HAVING A BABY!" happen.)

Also sleeve number one on the effortless cardigan is about 2/3's done (yes kmkat- you do know that yarn.) It feels a little snug but I know how Lavold silky wool can stretch upon blocking so I'm crossing my fingers. I can never remember the name effortless and often want to call it the neverending cardigan but really it's been a most pleasant and unoffensive top-down knit.


knitwonpurltoo said...

I am so impressed. I was so impressed I typed 3 esses. WOW! You have sprouts. Good for you. And, what a sweet gift for SuperSecretarySandy. You're a darned good friend!

Mountain Mama said...

One of my boyfriends in high school worked on a dairy farm and the owners let him name the calves. There was already one with my first name on the farm so he named it my last name. Then when I was in college we started going to their church and they said, "that's strange... We have a cow by that name..."